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Helix Paint Mixer


Helix Paint Mixer is a must-have tool for mixing paints and other liquids. It can be used to mix most viscous fluids, paints, coatings, stains, wall texture and adhesives.

The patented, heavy-duty mixer has ¼-inch hex shaft to provide a secure connection to fit all 3/8-inch impact drivers and drills. The specially designed polypropylene mixing head insures quick and complete mixing throughout the container and allows for easy cleaning.

The helix shape reaches corners and the bottom of the can for full mixing and is the fastest mixer of its kind. The helix shape allows the liquid to be uniformly mixed throughout the container. Use a low to moderate speed and make sure not to raise the mixing head above the surface of the liquid, while spinning, to avoid spatter on clean surfaces. Make your painting jobs more convenient and less time intensive


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