Resmonite Retarder


Resin Warehouse’s Resmonite Retarder

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Resin Warehouse Resmonite retarder is used to slow the curing process & extend the working time for Resmonite.


Directions for use: Simply apply add the retarder to Part B (liquid) of your product. Do Not Exceed 2% of the total weight of your Part B. Recommended usage is only 1% of total weight which will extend the working time to approximately 45minutes or 0.5% for 20 minutes.

Example for your calculations :

0.5% of 1 Litre = 5ml

1% of 1 Litre    = 10ml

2% of 1 litre     = 20ml

  • Easy to use
  • Food contact safe
  • Solvent Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Zero VoC



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